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Recruiting and Retaining Millennials and Gen Zs in the Workplace

By Janice Dossey Terrell, EdD  

The 2024 Career Optimism Index® study found that more than 60 percent of more of Millennial and Gen Z respondents need support identifying job options matching their skills and interests, as well as support setting career goals. Additionally, the Index found 73 percent of Millennial and 69 percent of Gen Z workers considered how much a company invested in reskilling/upskilling when looking for new opportunities. The white paper explores the traits of the two generations and highlights four areas of concern among Millennial and Gen Z employee respondents: job match and career support, financial and job security, upskilling and professional development, and learning preferences. The white paper provides additional insights to inform strategies for recruitment and retention of younger workforce members.

Invisible Labor: An Examination of the Perceptions of Moms in the Workplace

By Joy Taylor, EdD  

The invisible labor of mothers describes the mental and emotional burdens of managing myriad family and household demands such as finances, children’s feelings and discipline, childcare conflicts, guidance, preparing meals, and transport of children to and from activities. The white paper explores findings from the 2023 Mothers Overcome More™ or the M.O.M.™ report related to the invisible labor of working mothers and intersections with family resilience and employer support.

Recommendations to Support Workplace Wellness Using the EMPower CARE Scorecard

By Christine Marquis, MBA, and Marlene Blake, PhD  

The contemporary multigenerational workplace is undergoing rapid transformations driven by technological advancements, evolving employee expectations, and global challenges. Amidst these changes, career optimism emerges as a pivotal factor influencing employee satisfaction, engagement, and overall well-being. The 2023 Career Optimism Index® highlights significant gaps between employee perceptions and employer offerings, emphasizing the need for actionable solutions. With a focus on workplace wellness, in this paper, the authors developed and introduce the EMPower Care Scorecard concept as a comprehensive framework to address these disparities and cultivate a positive work environment.

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