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Betrayal: When Job or Career Leads to Disappointment

By Pamela Ann Gordon, Ph.D. and Julie A. Overbey, Ph.D.  

Nothing surpasses the euphoria experienced when finalizing a career choice or
successfully completing the job search process with a job offer. Excitement and dreams blend to present a positive picture filled with anticipation, commitment, motivation, opportunities, and success. These feelings represented the culmination of hard work needed to earn a postsecondary or higher degree and obstacles overcome in the competitive job market. Sometimes, however, career and job dreams of a happily ever after do not come true and feelings of betrayal become a reality. Overcoming betrayal in the workplace is multifaceted and often a lengthy endeavor. Questions surface regarding previous decision-making and feelings of selfdoubt and disappointment prevail. In this whitepaper, the authors offer insight into this phenomenon depicted in the news and media during 2024 as "The Great Betrayal" and offer hope and advice to those experiencing the realities of job or career betrayal, as well as the potentials of "career fullfillment.

APA Formatting: Promoting Integrity and Structure

By Amy Priess, Ph.D. Pamela Ann Gordon, Ph.D.

The use of APA as a means of formatting papers has been a standard in academia for quite some time. But what has been the current engagement of this standard and how has it been handled by students and faculty in the past few years? Are there opportunities for faculty to enhance the process of teaching APA standards? This whitepaper explores the need for faculty and students to master the use of the American Psychological Association’s standards for formatting, noting the implications for students, online doctoral students, and instructors, alongside the fallout in terms of outcomes related to higher-than-average plagiarism numbers, faulty feedback and more. Suggestions are offered as well by the authors for those teaching APA style to help offset negative outcomes and allow for more engaged adoption of such standards of practice.

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