Some people stop at the peak. But a Phoenix knows there’s always new heights to climb. Reach them — with a little help from us. As a valued alumni, you can take advantage of exclusive rates to advance your skills and enhance your career.

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Standard cost per credit
Your cost per credit
Lock in tuition at our special rate until you earn your degree.
Start your degree on campus between April 1st and October 31st and save up to $850 in your first six months. Learn more about the offer here.
Standard resource fees
Your resource fees
Waive all resource fees for the first two years of your program.

Alumni Offer - University of Phoenix

Tuition Guarantee

No matter which degree level you choose, our Tuition Guarantee means you’ll keep the same affordable and locked-in tuition until you graduate from your program. That way, you can focus on going wherever your ambition takes you.

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You never stop thinking about your next move. Prepare for it with tuition that’s more affordable than ever before and make a bigger impact on your career, family and future.



Next session begins JAN 14.
Some program start times may vary.

Please call 844.YES.UOPX for full schedule and details.