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How long does it take to get a degree from University of Phoenix?

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By University of Phoenix 

As a school committed to helping adults meet their educational goals, University of Phoenix champions the successes and triumphs of nontraditional students. Founded in 1976, University of Phoenix gave nontraditional learners more opportunities to enhance their careers through the power of higher education.

The University was founded to meet the needs of people who wanted to earn a degree but needed more flexibility beyond the rigidity of a traditional four-year institution. Today, University of Phoenix’s mission is to make higher education more available, especially to people with full-time jobs and families to care for. It offers quality education, flexible class times and ongoing support to help learners succeed.

But with such a flexible model, many people wonder how long it takes to complete a degree program with University of Phoenix. Learn how long it takes to earn a degree from University of Phoenix as well as how the University supports the goals of its ambitious, hard working students.

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How long does it take to get a degree from University of Phoenix?

Since University of Phoenix serves the needs of nontraditional students, there is no official timeline for how long it will take to complete a degree.

University of Phoenix is a school designed for nontraditional learners who are not always able to stick with a rigid two- or four-year timeline. Whether learners want to complete associate, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree programs, University of Phoenix provides more options for students.

While some University of Phoenix students complete their degrees in a traditional four-year timeline, the University’s flexible setup allows learners to take control of their future. Students follow flexible schedules allowing them to balance the demands of work, life and school and making it possible to succeed in both the present and the future.

While there’s no set timeline for how long it takes to earn a degree from the University of Phoenix, students take advantage of its flexible course loads, remote model and financing to take charge of their education.

Multiple start dates

University of Phoenix is designed for busy adults. Completing a degree program can be like a second job, which is why the University offers multiple start dates. Many courses have 10 start dates throughout the year. This semester-free format means many learners can enroll and start learning almost immediately.

University of Phoenix lets learners take just one course over a period of five or six weeks depending upon your program. This is a great option for busy workers or full-time parents who want to make progress on their degree program while balancing everything life throws at them. It’s also an attractive option for students who need to take prerequisite courses.

Because of this unique setup, the amount of time it takes to earn a degree will vary. It depends on a student’s responsibilities outside of the classroom, too. University of Phoenix’s flexible programs can make it possible for learners to earn credits on their own timeline.

Remote coursework

University of Phoenix first offered remote classes in 1989, so it’s no stranger to remote learning. In fact, University of Phoenix is now phasing out most of its physical campuses through 2024, so new classes will largely happen in a 100 percent remote setting.

However, University of Phoenix students are not alone. The University provides remote resources like tutoring, tech support and office hours through a convenient online dashboard.

University of Phoenix is innovating its remote classroom experience to mimic traditional classroom learning. Students can work in groups, raise their hands and chat with the instructor through the student dashboard. They can also participate in discussions, view reading materials and turn in assignments at any time.

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Does University of Phoenix accept financial aid?

Financial aid and scholarships

Financing issues can delay a learner’s graduation date. That’s why University of Phoenix tries to be as flexible as possible with financial aid.

University of Phoenix offers scholarships and accepts different ways to pay for school, including grants, loans and payment plans. Since the University locks in tuition with a Tuition Rate Guarantee, learners can rest assured that their degree program will come with a predictable price tag. This can help nontraditional students afford school

University of Phoenix also allows eligible learners to apply for credits through relevant professional or life experience, after evaluation of the relevant experience. This can cut down on the number of additional credits required to earn a degree, which can help students save time.

Training, certifications and work experience might count toward a degree program. Life experience like parenting, interviewing, foreign languages, yoga and family relations could also count for credit. With the University of Phoenix Prior Learning Assessment, students could save time toward their degree finish line.

Transfer credits

University of Phoenix students can also graduate more quickly by transferring credits from another institution. This depends on when and where the credits were earned, but many students are able to reduce their number of required credits with transfers.

For example, some learners can take an incomplete degree from another institution and finish what they started at University of Phoenix. Students can reap the benefits of their past hard work and enjoy the accomplishment of completing their degree program more quickly with credit transfers.

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Higher education on your terms

Major accomplishments like earning a degree don’t always come easily or quickly. It takes time to build your skills. However, through University of Phoenix, many learners have the power to learn on their own timeline and according to their own rules.

Education is an investment in your future. If you have dreams of completing a degree or certificate program, you have the power to follow your dreams. University of Phoenix offers the flexibility and support necessary for nontraditional learners to elevate their skills and move on to bigger and better things. 


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