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University of Phoenix to offer Digital Badges at Inclusive Leadership Summit and Career Fair

By Michele Mitchum

Badges allow participants to highlight leadership skills in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) 

University of Phoenix is pleased to announce the opportunity for attendees at the University’s second annual Inclusive Leadership Summit and Career Fair, May 2-4, 2023, titled “Developing a Culture of Belonging: Prioritizing Social and Emotional Well-Being,” to earn two digital badges demonstrating inclusive leadership skills. The badges, which are digital icons that display skills acquired through learning, are sharable on resumes and digital platforms. The University of Phoenix will be offering attendees the opportunity to earn digital badges during the event as part of a larger commitment to skills-aligned programs and courses.

Skills-based hiring is on the rise, with many employers looking to hire qualified candidates regardless of a degree. Demand for increased qualifications, and increased equity in the job market may be driving the need for skills-based hiring across industries. Last year, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management released guidance on skills-based hiring for federal agencies.

“University of Phoenix is proud to offer digital badges focused on inclusive leadership as part of our continued commitment to relevant, skills-based learning,” shares John Woods, Ph.D., provost and chief academic officer. “As more companies move toward skills-based hiring, we understand the importance of offering adult learners a way to display the skills they have in real time. Digital badges are a win-win: they benefit employers looking to identify candidates with in-demand skills, and they benefit jobseekers seeking to highlight skills that align with their career of choice.”

The Inclusive Leadership Summit aims to foster an atmosphere conducive to life-long learning and addressing systemic inequities to inform and an ever-changing workforce. According to the recently released 2023 Career Optimism Index® study by University of Phoenix Career Institute®, 47% of American workers are experiencing burnout on the job. Findings of the study suggest that by investing in employees’ professional development, mental health and engagement, employers can foster feelings of employee optimism.

All summit attendees will have the opportunity to earn the “Inclusive Leader: Social and Emotional Wellbeing” digital badge. Summit attendees can earn this digital badge by actively engaging in critical dialogue examining aspects of trauma, prioritizing accessibility as an aspect of inclusion, post-pandemic challenges and the ongoing social and systemic issues that hinder performance and retention. Participant engagement will be followed by written reflections on practices meant to foster a safe, inclusive environment that promotes social and emotional wellbeing.

Summit attendees wishing to earn the “Inclusive Leader: Owning a Personal narrative” digital badge will focus on practical methods for improving their brand as a champion for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB). Attendees looking to earn this badge will participate in the inaugural Workforce Diversity Leaders Seminar, three highly interactive sessions facilitated for participants to leverage their authenticity as a value proposition to contribute to their practice of inclusive leadership. In addition, the Workforce Diversity Leaders Seminar will serve as a meeting place for the advancement and empowerment of employee resource group (ERG) or business resource group (BRG) leaders, ERG or BRG sponsors and emerging leaders who serve in workforce areas related to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

Register for the University of Phoenix Inclusive Leadership Summit here.

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