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University of Phoenix College of Doctoral Studies releases special diversity and inclusion edition of the Phoenix Scholar™ academic journal

By University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix has released a special edition of its academic research journal, the Phoenix Scholar™, focused on addressing societal issues related to diversity and inclusion.

Phoenix Scholar™ is the quarterly academic research publication of the University of Phoenix College of Doctoral Studies. The latest edition includes articles discussing systemic inequity in education and other institutions; the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic and simultaneous calls for social justice reform; as well as a candid interview about race with University of Phoenix President Peter Cohen.

“Our university is very diverse, both in student and faculty population, so the issues that impact minorities are very important to us,” said Hinrich Eylers, Ph.D., Editor-at-Large of Phoenix Scholar™ and Vice Provost of Doctoral Studies and Academic Operations at University of Phoenix. “Diversity and inclusion have always been central to the research that we do in the College of Doctoral Studies, and one of our three research centers specifically focuses on this key issue. This edition of Phoenix Scholar™ really highlights that work.”

University of Phoenix’s student population is two-thirds female and over half (56.4%) are ethnic minorities. Likewise, the faculty is over half (53.66%) female and a quarter (25.55%) are ethnic minorities.

The College of Doctoral Studies also houses the newly established University of Phoenix Career Institute, which recently released the findings of its first annual Career Optimism Index™. The index measures working American’s attitudes toward their career and barriers to career progression. The index found fewer women and people of color are optimistic about staying employed. Overall, 44% of employed Americans are worried about losing their job due to the economy – with higher rates among women (46%) and ethnic minorities (48%).

“Not only has this global pandemic shaken the foundation of this country it has also forced us to revisit the disparities and inequities that have plagued this country for generations,” said Kimberly Underwood, Ph.D., Guest Editor of Phoenix Scholar™ and University Research Chair at the College of Doctoral Studies. “This pandemic has disproportionately impacted women and people of color with furloughs and layoffs, exposed inequitable access to affordable healthcare, food insecurities, inequitable distributions of wealth and lack of affordable housing.”

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