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Create a more inclusive classroom experience by learning Spanish.

Spanish for educators

Communication is the cornerstone of education, but for many students it can also be an obstacle. By studying Spanish, educators can break down the barrier that prohibits some students from thriving. This can not only improve student outcomes, but it can also create a more positive experience for everyone in the classroom.

You can learn the basics of Spanish grammar and develop knowledge of the Hispanic culture with our Spanish courses for educators. These courses can also help improve your ability to effectively communicate with Spanish-speaking students and parents.

Our Spanish courses for educators focus on teaching communication skills associated with real-life classroom situations, fostering a better understanding of cultural differences and improving overall communications. You’ll learn basic words along with common expressions and phrases related to student grades and parent conferences.

Our Spanish language courses can help you to:

  • Understand Spanish sentence structure and grammar rules.
  • Have simple conversations based on common expressions used in the classroom.
  • Gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Hispanic culture.

Taking Spanish for educators can help you create better relationships among your students and their families. This can boost the overall classroom atmosphere and help improve student outcomes. While a basic understanding of Spanish is recommended for these courses, those that are beginning Spanish-language learners will be instructed on how to better communicate with English language learners.

We make continuing education more convenient for professional educators. You can take Spanish for educators to enhance your skills as an instructor or for your own personal growth, doing coursework when it fits into your schedule. Explore your options by calling 866.484.1809 or request additional information.

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