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Checking Assignment Deadlines

Quickstart Guide

Is Your Browser Compatible?

Before logging in to your classroom, please ensure your browser and operating system are up to date.

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Internet Explorer

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Navigating Your Classroom

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Finding Your Assignments

Step 1: You can access your course content by clicking on the first icon in the Course Navigation Bar.

Step 2: After clicking on the “Course Content” icon, you will find your course resources as well as a folder or module for each week of the course. These will vary by course.

Step 3: To view your course content, simply click on a folder to open it.

Submitting Your Assignments

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How to Post in a Discussion

Posts in this section count towards your attendance requirements, and are graded for participation points. Review the Syllabus and Instructor Policies before each course to find out how many discussion posts are required.

Step 1: To view your discussion board, simply click on the third icon from the left in your Course Navigation Bar.

Step 2: Once you enter your discussion board, you will see a list of all the discussions that are currently available to you.

Step 3: Within a given discussion, you will see the discussion topic along with a response area below it.

Step 4: Respond to a discussion using the given response area. You can choose to respond with your discussion post immediately, or save a draft for later.

Step 5: To view replies from others, simply click on their links. Any new replies will be highlighted.

Communicating With Your Group (Also Known as Learning Team)

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How to Check Grades & Feedback

Method 1:
You can access your grades by clicking on the “Gradebook” icon, fourth from the left of your Course Navigation Bar. If a grade has been posted, you will see it within your Gradebook. If feedback has been added, you will see a purple icon next to the grade. Click the purple icon to view any feedback. (Not all assignments will have written feedback)

Method 2:
You can see all past assignments by clicking on the “Course content” icon and opening the folder containing your assignment. Click on the assignment to see if it has been graded. If it has, you will see the grade displayed. If feedback has been added, you will see a purple icon next to your grade. Click the purple icon to view any feedback.

Method 3:
You can see when your Instructor updates grades within your Activity Stream. You can click on the “View my grade” button in an activity message to see your grade and feedback.

How to View Your Points in Gradebook

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Viewing Messages

Messages in this section are not considered part of your participation grades and do not count towards attendance.

Method 1:
To check your messages, simply click the “Messages” icon on your Course Navigation Bar. After clicking on the icon, you’ll see specific message threads inside that you can click on to read your messages.

Method 2:
From your Current Courses or Activity Stream, you can click on the messages tab on the left navigation bar.

Difference Between Messages, Conversations, and Discussions

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Managing Notifications

To manage notifications settings, click on your personal profile. Within your personal profile, you can choose to receive email, text and Activity Stream notifications.

Complete Tutorial

This video will help you navigate your new online classroom.

Student resources

You can read course content, participate in discussions and submit assignments from your mobile device — all without downloading an app.

Log in to eCampus using your mobile web browser, just as you would on your computer. Then click on “Classroom” to view your course content.

Now there are even more ways to find the articles you need, when and where you need them.

Click the “Library” tab from the home page after logging in to eCampus on your mobile browser. You can also find the library from the “Institution” page in your Blackboard Ultra classroom.

Using Blackboard Collaborate, you can interact with students or faculty by swapping files, sharing applications, and taking notes on a virtual whiteboard.

Select “Join Session” in the Details and Actions section of the classroom on the left-hand side navigation menu.