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University of Phoenix launches a premade skills pathway designed to empower professionals with generative AI knowledge

By Sharla Hooper

New professional development skills pathway offers employee AI training solutions

University of Phoenix is pleased to offer a new Professional Development premade skills pathway designed to empower professionals with artificial intelligence (AI) knowledge, “Intro to AI Tools in the Workplace.” This skills pathway was developed by the University’s Professional Development (PD) group, subject matter experts and experienced educators across the University of Phoenix, as an intentional and informed approach to developing skills to understand the potential of generative AI technology in the workplace.

A recent survey on artificial intelligence (AI) in higher education and the workplace, commissioned by the University of Phoenix, found that nearly 3 in 5 U.S. adults believe AI tools should be leveraged in workplace (59%), but that the majority of U.S. adults – including Generation Z – are not familiar with various types of AI models.

“Our newest premade skills pathway introduces individuals to the future of work with Generative AI," states Mukund Sudarsan, vice president, general manager of Professional Development at University of Phoenix. “This skills pathway offers a unique opportunity to explore the applications of AI and harness its potential to transform your workforce.”

In this new premade skills pathway, learners develop key introductory skills such as AI Functionality Beyond the Hype, Opportunities and Challenges of Generative AI, Problem Solving with Generative AI, and Analyzing Intelligent AI Solutions. The skills learned in the interactive, 100%-online skills pathway[PM1] [SH2]  can help build employee confidence with measurable skill building.

The skills pathway learning is designed to engage workforce learners so that they are able to: describe the potential impact of Generative AI on work performance, identify various applications and benefits of Generative AI in different industries as well as recognize the constraints and limitations of Generative AI in complex problem-solving scenarios, and then apply techniques and strategies for leveraging Generative AI to enhance personal productivity and work performance.

The Professional Development skills pathways are available online through University of Phoenix's innovative learning employee solution, allowing busy working adult learners to access the skills pathways conveniently and at their own pace. Upon successful completion of each skill, participants will receive a certificate of completion and digital badge from University of Phoenix.

Learn more here about Professional Development online training at University of Phoenix.

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