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Research fellow

Dr. Kyla Tennin

Dr. Kyla Tennin

Dr. Kyla Tennin

Dr. Tennin is an industry practitioner and DM in Management and Organizational Leadership. She focuses on Change Management and mixed-methods empirical research for continuous improvement, business transformation, and recovery during and after internal/external crisis to nations, institutions, and individual’s lives. She is a leader in various roles at investment forums where she works with Presidents of Nations, Heads of Banks, Prime Ministers, High Commissioners, and Chambers of Commerce and other business leaders to strategize and make business decisions to help businesses start-up, advance, and/or scale to improve economic development, promote social justice, and create jobs in various nations. 

At the World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF), affiliated partner of the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI), this vision is to promote social justice, create jobs, financial inclusion, and innovative financial instruments for innovators, startups, and SMEs, helping them to scale. Dr. Tennin is also affiliated with the International Monetary Fund, World Bank Group, and Parliamentary Network (of leaders from around the world) to enhance economies and various forms of organizations.

She is an OB/GYN MD track turned DM (doctor) with background in biology, biotechnology, and organic and biochemistry, with major emphasis in women and gender studies, has project management and lean six sigma certifications, a Master of Business Administration (MBA), and is a Ph.D. Fellow at the Global Peace Institute, headquartered in the United Kingdom. She completed additional studies (to launch and scale corporations) at Harvard, Stanford, Yale, University of Cape Town, and University of Glasgow to name a few.

She has personally written approximately 18 books, 3 book chapters with colleagues, 3 patents, several other intellectual properties, and nearly 85 research reports, later conceptualized into products and services for global businesses. Dr. Tennin has presented research and posters in practitioner and academic conferences, workshops, and international webinars. She has professional experience in the financial services and investments, hospitality, restaurant, consumer products/beauty, and healthcare industries, with 95% of her experience spent in financial services and higher education.

Last, Dr. Tennin 23 years of experience in higher education and 17 years owning her own global conglomerate corporation, which she built while homeless, to recover for self-sufficiency, to recover financially, and create jobs for people. Operating in 31 countries, with 24 locations, on 6 continents, and 2 world headquarters. She was awarded over 30 corporate awards, mentored entrepreneurs for 22 years with global organizations and world-renowned corporations and banks as sponsors, and currently owns a business academy, women’s entrepreneurship academy, and women’s entrepreneurship bootcamp program where entrepreneurship, resilience, finance, pricing and tax strategy, research methodology and data analysis for consultants, digital transformation, property ownership, and other courses are taught. Her areas of expertise and research interests are strategy, entrepreneurship, cosmeceuticals, economic development, emerging markets, multinationals, corporate governance, well-being/burnout, and women’s empowerment.