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Research Methodology Group

The Research Methodology Group is a cross-disciplinary community of researchers consisting of a committee of methodologists and members who are experts or interested in social science research methods and designs.  The mission of the group is to enhance the researchers’ research method knowledge and skills and improve the quality of studies conducted across the university. 

The Research Methodology Group supports researchers (students and faculty) by offering supplemental resources such as live and recorded webinars, short burst learning videos, design discussion channels, and office hours as further explained below.   You may access the resources by joining the Research Methodology Group (RMG) at Teams

  • Live and recorded design webinars. View the upcoming webinars on the Events Calendar
    • Interactive webinars focus on qualitative and quantitative designs and help you develop a deeper understanding of the designs.
  • Office hours. Make a method and design office hours appointment via this link. 
    • Office hours are for implementing research methods and design provide an opportunity to discuss your questions in a one-to-one session with one of RMG’s methodologists.  The office hours are useful if you need to talk through general research issues, such as 'how do I record my interview?' or 'now that I have my data, how do I analyze it?' or even 'what are qualitative or quantitative data analysis programs?' Or have method questions and are looking to talk through a methodological issue. 
  • Interaction with the methodologists. Ask questions from methodologists via the Design Discussion Channels on the RMG Teams
    • Opportunity to asynchronously discuss your design issue with an RMG methodologist.   
  • Short burst learning videos. Review the videos which focus on topics such as how to use qualitative data analysis software and SPSS for running various statistical analyses, or how to conduct multiple interviews for a phenomenology design. The videos are available on the RMG Teams.
    • Watch the brief videos for quick clarifications.
  • Access to qualitative and quantitative resources.   
    • List of references, websites, and tools. 

Research Methodology Group has been developed and hosted by Mansureh Kebritchi, Ph.D., and Stella Smith, Ph.D. at the College of Doctoral Studies, University of Phoenix. If you have any questions, contact us at: