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KWB Summit Call for Proposals

By Research Center Admin

Addressing the Call for Proposals

The theme of the conference is "Thrive in a Brave New World" which provides a large landscape for researchers to explore this concept through the lens of the three research centers, which includes: leadership and organizational studies, educationa and instructional technology, and workplace diversity and inclusion. We also invite nursing, healthcare and psychology into the fold of this inquiry.

Topic areas

There are a number of areas as well within our theme that could be explored such as: 

  • Authenticity in the new world
  • Research methodology practices
  • Post-COVID processes and potentials in education, leadership, and diversity and inclusion
  • Business intelligence and current trends
  • Creativity & innovation in the technology space
  • Education and changes based on ever-evolving prospects
  • Partnering and  alliances with other industries
  •  Ethics in business, education, and diversity concerning policy-making
  • Institutional processes post-pandemic
  • Psychology and mental health issues in the workplace
  • Nursing and healthcare issues and trends
  • Leadership practices and what we have learned
  • Education best practices
  • Diversity and workforce solutions in industry
  • Motivation & retention with students
  • Preventative programming measures for disaster potentials
  • Personal development and growth of teams in industry
  • Public policy
  • Training and professional development of leaders
  • Program evaluation in education, healthcare, leadership or diversity

Because many entities have learned quite a bit over the two plus years into the pandemic, the space for inquiry, empirical research, and theoretical research is wide open. We encourage you to explore the variety of possibilities within your abstract submission.

To submit your proposal, simply click on the red button below. All submissions will be reviewed during the month of July with responses returned in early August.

For questions about submissions for the 2023 KWB Summit, please feel free to reach out to Dr. Kimberly Underwood at