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KWB 2023 Summit Call for Proposals [CLOSED]

By Research Center Admin

Addressing the Call for Proposals

The theme of the conference is "Thrive in a Brave New World," which provides a broad landscape for researchers to explore research that is currently addressing an array of issues and inquiry around this concept as evidenced through the lens of the three research centers, including leadership and organizational studies, educational and instructional technology, and workplace diversity and inclusion. This year's summit also invites nursing and, healthcare, as well as psychology, into the fold of this inquiry as well.

Who is Eligible to Present?

The summit is open to faculty, staff, alumni, students [doctoral], and external academics.

*Doctoral students are welcomed to utilize their preliminary research from their dissertation for presentation purposes.


Benefits of Participation as a Presenter

We have added digital badging as a way to recognize those who are formally accepted as presenters for the event to be shared via their own social media platforms.

For active faculty, your role as a presenter counts towards your faculty scholarship requirements for teaching.

CV building is an important part of a researcher's authentication in events that demonstrate their own expertise.

Bringing your conference back to the classroom and the research you presented is a way for your students to see that you are staying current in your field.


Deadline for Submission of Your Abstract

July 20, 2023 [11:59 MST)


What is Required to Submit

At this time, we will only need a short abstract of your proposed presentation. We encourage abstract submissions as soon as possible. Submissions will be reviewed and presenters will be notified sometime in August of acceptance.


Additional Items to Note

Submissions will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

          -Stating the problem and its significance
          -Overall significance of the work
          -Sharing results/findings or outcomes
          -Drawing conclusions
          -Presenting take-aways

Please note: Each submission can have 1-3 presenters. Presenters can be listed on a maximum of three (3) sessions within this event.  All presentations will be virtual and conducted through the Zoom platform.

The University of Phoenix does not pay for presenter(s) participation in this event and participation is completely voluntary. Please ensure that, as the submitter, you have communicated the registration requirement outlined above to all presenting participants listed on this submission.

Presentation Title (maximum 20 words): Please use title case (capitalize nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, subordinate conjunctions, and prepositions that are more than three letters).

Abstract length- Detailed Abstract (maximum 500 words)


Topic areas

The list below represents possible areas, but you are certainly not limited to this list as these are simply suggestion primers. Because we, as a society,  have learned quite a bit amidst living with issues that have arisen over the two-plus years into the pandemic, the expanse and space for inquiry, empirical research, and theoretical research is quite large. We encourage you to explore the variety of such possibilities within your abstract submission.

  • Authenticity in the new world
  • Research methodology practices
  • Post-COVID processes and potentials in education, leadership, and diversity and inclusion
  • Business intelligence and current trends
  • Creativity & innovation in the technology space
  • Education and changes based on ever-evolving prospects
  • Partnering and  alliances with other industries
  •  Ethics in business, education, and diversity concerning policy-making
  • Institutional processes post-pandemic
  • Psychology and mental health issues in the workplace
  • Nursing and healthcare issues and trends
  • Leadership practices and what we have learned
  • Education best practices
  • Diversity and workforce solutions in industry
  • Motivation & retention with students
  • Preventative programming measures for disaster potential
  • Personal development and growth of teams in business and industry
  • Public policy
  • Training and professional development of leaders
  • Program evaluation in education, healthcare, leadership, or diversity
  • The role of AI and possible channels of impact and growth
  • Trauma and growth
  • Nursing and burnout
  • Conversations on diversity and inclusion
  • Work and creating an equitable future
  • Empowerment and Identity
  • Healthcare issues and trends

The Call for Proposals is closed. All submissions will be reviewed during the month of July with decisions provided by Monday, August 21, 2023.

For questions about submissions for the 2023 KWB Summit, please feel free to reach out to Dr. Kimberly Underwood at