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KWB 2024 Summit Call for Proposals [OPEN]

By Research Center Admin

Addressing the Call for Proposals

The University of Phoenix is pleased to announce its upcoming virtual conference Knowledge Without Boundaries Summit with the theme "The Rise of the Scholar-Practitioner." This dynamic theme encapsulates our commitment to fostering a culture of academic excellence and practical application across all disciplines. As we embrace the spirit of "We Rise," we invite scholars, practitioners, educators, and industry professionals to join us in exploring innovative approaches, effective practices, and cutting-edge research and scholarship relevant to the academy and beyond.

In today's rapidly evolving landscape, the role of the scholar-practitioner has never been more crucial. This conference provides a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration, bridging the gap between theory and practice. We welcome presentations that showcase:

  1. Effective Practices: Share your success stories, strategies, and lessons learned in applying scholarly insights to real-world challenges. Whether in education, business, healthcare, or any other field, we invite practical demonstrations of effective practices that drive positive change and innovation.
  2. Conceptual Work: Engage in theoretical discussions, conceptual frameworks, and thought-provoking analyses that advance our understanding of the scholar-practitioner model. Explore new paradigms, challenge conventional wisdom, and ignite intellectual curiosity through bold ideas and innovative concepts.
  3. Completed/Ongoing Research: Present your latest research findings, ongoing projects, and empirical studies that contribute to the advancement of knowledge and practice. From quantitative analyses to qualitative inquiries, we seek contributions that push the boundaries of scholarship and offer practical insights for application in both academia and industry.

Who is eligible to present?

Applicable to stakeholders at all levels, including faculty, administrators, students, alumni, staff, and industry partners, this summit aims to foster a collaborative spirit of inquiry and discovery. We encourage submissions from diverse perspectives and disciplines, embracing the rich tapestry of expertise within our community.

Please note, each accepted presentation can have a maximum of three (3) presenters. An individual presenter can be listed on a maximum of three (3) sessions within this event. The primary presenter will be the point of all communication related to the proposal submission. All presentations will be virtual and conducted through a Zoom platform.

The University of Phoenix does not pay for presenter(s) participation in this event and participation is completely voluntary. Please ensure that, as the primary presenter, you have communicated the requirements outlined above to all presenting participants listed on this submission.


Benefits of Participation as a Presenter

We have added digital badging as a way to recognize those who are formally accepted as presenters for the event to be shared via their own social media platforms.

For active faculty, your role as a presenter counts towards your faculty scholarship requirements for teaching.

CV building is an important part of a researcher's authentication in events that demonstrate their own expertise.

Bringing your conference back to the classroom and the research you presented is a way for your students to see that you are staying current in your field.


Deadline for Submission of Your Abstract

June 30, 2024 [11:59 MST)


What is Required to Submit

Proposals should include a title, a presentation description (250-350 words with some connection to the literature), references, and three (3) key takeaways participants will gain from your presentation.

Please submit your proposal by Sunday, June 30, 2024, at 11:59 PM (MST).

Join us as we celebrate the rise of the scholar-practitioner and embark on a journey of learning, inspiration, and transformation. Together, let us shape the future of education and practice in an ever-changing world.

Please direct submission inquiries to Dr. Kimberly Underwood at


The Call for Proposals is open until June 30, 2024. All submissions will be reviewed during July with decisions provided by Monday, August 21, 2023.

For questions about submissions for the 2024 KWB Summit, please feel free to reach out to Dr. Kimberly Underwood at