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Psychology Today Post: How Burnout Is Changing Our Lives

High school teacher leading a blended learning class

By Rodney Luster

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This month in April, we take a look at the latest on "Burnout" and its presence not only in the workforce but also in students' and family's lives.

Primary Take Aways:

  • Burnout doesn't happen overnight but instead occurs over time.
  • Researchers Zrazhevskaya et al. have found a historical context for ominously similar descriptions of burnout throughout time.
  • Burnout may share a similar clinical presentation and etiology with depression, but it is considered distinctly different.
  • Burnout can be challenged by reserving time, integrating novel events, recognizing limitations, cognitive reframing, and more.

Perhaps you've woken up today, like so many days recently, feeling a lack of motivation simply to get out of bed. Perhaps the hobbies you once loved have started to disappear from your daily routine. Read more

From a February 2023 survey of 10,243 global workers by U.S. think-tank Future Forum, 42 percent reported burnout, its highest figure since May 2021

(Christian, n.d.).

Dr. Luster is a consistent contributor to the field of psychology and leadership.  

Rodney Luster, PhD, LPC


Dr. Rodney Luster has been with the University since 2012. Rodney Luster is the Senior Director of Research Strategy, Innovation and Development for the Research Center Enterprise (RSE) within the College of Doctoral Studies. In this role Dr. Luster helps lead innovation in research, conect the pragmatics of research to industry and manages the research potentials inside the RSE.