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College of Doctoral Studies

2019 Workshops

Research and Scholarship Enterprise (RSE) Workshop Series

The College of Doctoral Studies’ Research and Scholarship Enterprise (RSE) offers a variety of workshops for students, faculty, and alumni.

Below, you will find workshops offered during 2019. We have provided links to the videos and PowerPoints, when available.  Please note if a video/PowerPoint is not listed it is not available.  Feel free to reach out to us if you have an idea for a future workshop.

Calendar of upcoming workshops

Summary of past workshops



Link to Video/Webinar Slides    

February 21, 2019 

Title: Case Study

Description: Application of case study in doctoral dissertations/studies; how to develop a research prospectus and proposal for a case study. 

March 7, 2019    

Title: Content Analysis

Description: Using prominence as an indicator of population and sample in qualitative content analysis.

March 28, 2019    

Title: Descriptive Causal Comparative Designs

Description: Introduce use of DCCD within dissertations

April 4, 2019    

Title: Delphi Method

Description: The “Expert” and validity of the Delphi Technique

April 18, 2019   

Title: Mixed Methods

Description: This webinar will focus on Chairing and using Mixed Methods within doctoral dissertations. Mixed Methods has unique opportunities and challenges when applied to graduate work, which will be discussed along with potential ways to compensate for the challenges. Several examples of Mixed Methods dissertations will be used as examples for discussion..

April 25, 2019   

Title: An Introduction to Decision-based Learning

Description: Decision-based Learning (DBL), a teaching methodology developed by researchers at BYU, organizes instruction around the decision-making process experts engage in while tackling real-world problems. Students taught using this approach have shown a higher degree of practical or functional abilities than what you find in traditional courses. 

May 16, 2019    

Title: Quantitative Experimental

Description: Introduce use of experimental designs as used within dissertations.

June 6, 2019    

Title: Quasi-Experimental Research Designs

Description: Introduce use of quasi-experimental designs as used within dissertations.

June 20, 2019    

Title: Phenomenology

Description: Examples of phenomenological dissertations will be discussed and evaluated

July 18, 2019    

Title: Correlational Designs

Description: Introduce use of correlational designs as used within dissertations.

August 1, 2019    

Title: Program Evaluation

Description: Introduce use of program evaluation designs as used within dissertations.

August 22, 2019    

Title: Auto Ethnography

Description: Introduce use of ethnography designs as used within dissertations.

September 5, 2019    

Title: Grounded Theory 

Description: Introduce use of grounded theory designs as used within dissertations.

September 19, 2019    

Title: Narrative Inquiry

Description: Narrative Inquiry (NI) will be discussed within the context of graduate dissertations. Topics will include benefits and disadvantages of the method, suggestions for Chairs who have students using the method, and examples of NI dissertations which have been completed.

October 3, 2019    

Title: Survey study. Quantitative Measurement Development of Surveys  

Description: Introduce use of survey designs as used within dissertations.

December 12, 2019    

Title: Controlling Overall Type 1 Error