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College of Doctoral Studies

2020 Workshops

Research and Scholarship Enterprise (RSE) Workshop Series

The College of Doctoral Studies’ Research and Scholarship Enterprise (RSE) offers a variety of workshops for students, faculty, and alumni.

Below, you will find workshops offered during 2020. We have provided links to the videos and PowerPoints, when available.  Please note if a video/PowerPoint is not listed it is not available.  Feel free to reach out to us if you have an idea for a future workshop.

Calendar of upcoming workshops

Summary of past workshops



Link to Video/Webinar Slides    

January 21, 2020   

Title: "The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Doctoral Students"

January 23, 2020    

Title: How to Conduct Interviews

Description: This presentation provides an overview on how to conduct interviews for qualitative studies.

January 29, 2020    

Title: How to Apply for Fulbright Grant 

Description: This presentation explains how to apply for the Fulbright grant.

January 30, 2020    

Title: UOPX doctoral graduate guest speaker: Dr. Franda Clay

Description: Join this webinar to learn about doctoral journey of the speaker and how the doctoral degree from UOPX impacted career development of the speaker.

February 20, 2020   

Title: How to Prepare an IRB Application

Description: This presentation explains how to successfully prepare and submit an IRB application using

February 22, 2020   


Chat Topic: "Does "Doctor" Make a Difference???"

Description: Bring your beverage and come chat with these industry leaders as we examine the impact of the doctorate on organizations and explore how practitioners in various industries can use their degrees to make meaningful impacts in the workplace!

February 27, 2020   

Title: How to Analyze Qualitative Data I

Description: Introduction to qualitative data analysis process including chunking, coding, clustering, interpretation and themes, qualitative data representation, and trustworthiness strategies.

March 3, 2020    

Title: UOPX doctoral graduate guest speaker: Dr. Gwendolyn Avington, Doctor of Health Administration

Description: Join this webinar to learn about doctoral journey of the speaker and how the doctoral degree from UOPX impacted career development of the speaker.

March 19, 2020    

Title: Academic and Professional Publishing

Description: This presentation focuses on discussing differences between academic and professional publishing.

March 26, 2020    

Title: How to Modify and Use Quantitative Surveys

Description: This presentation provides an overview on how to use existing quantitative surveys and modify them to fit your quantitative studies without compromising reliability and validity of the surveys.

April 4, 2020    

Title: Coffee Chat #1: Social Distancing, Perseverance, and the “New Normal”

Description: COVID-19? Teleworking? Coronavirus? School Closures? Social Distancing? During this time of rapid and continuous change, many may find it difficult (if not impossible) to refocus on coursework, dissertation writing, research, or other tasks related to program completion.  In this Student Coffee Chat, we will discuss how to regain focus as we examine the true meaning of being a student within the “new normal.”  This session includes strategies for minimizing distractions, goal setting, seeking social connections, and practicing self-care. (Students are encouraged to bring questions)

April 4, 2020    

Title: Coffee Chat #2: Conducting Research and Program Progression During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Description: As many of our nation’s employees are finding themselves impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers are scrambling to generate quality scholarship within the “new normal.” How does the Covid-19 pandemic impact the many ways to develop research projects and conduct research?  How do these changes impact future or existing IRB applications?  How do personal decisions impact program progression during times of crisis?  Please join us as we examine these questions (and others) and provide guidance and clarity as we seek to better understand the true impacts of the “new normal.”  (Students are encouraged to bring questions)

April 9, 2020    

Title: Developing a Rigorous Literature Review

Description: This workshop provides an overview about conducting rigorous literature reviews for research studies.  Tips and best practices are shared. 

April 16, 2020    

Title: How to Create and Present a Scholarly Presentation 

Description: In this interactive workshop, participants will gain tips and best practices on how to create and present academic presentations. Participants will recognize the difference between effective and ineffective presentations. There will be a brief discussion about oral defense presentation as well. 

April 23, 2020    

Title: How to Analyze Quantitative Data (introduction) 

Description: Introduction to quantitative data analysis process including selecting statistical analysis, software, data entry, sample size, and basic descriptive and inferential analysis.  

May 7, 2020    

Title: The "Write" Habits  

Description: In this workshop, we will explore the benefits of a daily writing practice.  Research shows that writing everyday contributes to better self-discipline, expanded vocabulary, a sense of achievement, increased productivity and frankly, better writing.  As summer draws near, this workshop focuses on proven tactics for remaining productive through distractions, writer’s block, and any other reason that keeps you from developing the “write” habits.  

May 14, 2020    

Title: UOPX doctoral graduate guest speaker: Dr. Manuel Barbosa, Doctor of Health Administration

Description: Join this webinar to learn about doctoral journey of the speaker and how the doctoral degree from UOPX impacted career development of the speaker.  

May 21, 2020    

Title: "The Rebrand": Transitioning from Student to Scholar

Description: This presentation will share the experiences and lessons learned from alumni and faculty about the transition students face upon completing their programs.  For some, this looks like entering or advancing in academia, and for others advancement in industry.  But whatever path selected, there are strategies to improving your presence in the world as a scholar and subject matter expert.  The post-graduation process, mindset changes, and ten rebranding strategies will be discussed.  Such strategies include website development/social media and publishing opportunities.  This presentation will also include a list of programs and resources offered to students from the University of Phoenix.  Additional tools (most of which are free) from outside of the university will also be shared.

May 28, 2020    

Title: How to Develop and Use Open-Ended Surveys/Questionnaires

Description: This workshop provides an overview of quantitative and qualitative survey data and tips for creating good surveys and using software such as Survey Monkey. 

June 11, 2020    

Title: Impact of Social Distancing and Covid-19 on Research Methods and Topics: Panel Presentation

Description: Panel members who are leaders within the Research Hub and Research and Methods SIG will discuss how social distancing and Covid-19 have impacted the use of different research methods. Additionally, members will discuss the emergence of potential topics unique to our current time of dealing with Covid, specifically topics related to education. leadership studies, and diversity and inclusion will be discussed. Please join us for this discussion, where the second half will be open for viewers to ask questions of the panel to promote further dialogue.


June 18, 2020    

Title: Writing White Papers People Actually Want to Read

Description: While writing a white paper is no easy task, well-written and well-researched white papers can be powerful tools for building credibility in communities of practice. In other words, if you can address the problems that leaders are trying to solve, they will likely read your paper for a solution!  This workshop will discuss how to effectively write and successfully market a white paper that gets results.


June 20, 2020    

Title: Coffee Chat: Imposter Syndrome

Description: Impostor Syndrome (IS) is a pattern where one often questions the validity of personal successes and accomplishments and has a persistent, internalized fear of being exposed as a "fraud” or belief that successes are attributed only to luck or timing.  This session will explore the links of IS to perfectionism and other crippling behaviors, such as avoidance and procrastination. We will also examine strategies to overcome IS and thrive as competent and capable students, scholars, and practitioners.   


June 25, 2020    

Title: How to Collect Data from Journals/Newspapers and Other Print Data

Description: This workshop provides an introduction to using Excel for data analysis. The presentation topics include entering data and conducting descriptive and some basic inferential statistics such as correlation and t-test in Excel.   


July 7, 2020    

Title: UOPX Graduate Guest Speaker: Dr. Kristina McGaha, Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership, honoring Dr. Diana Hart

Description: Join this webinar to learn about doctoral journey of the speaker and how the doctoral degree from UOPX impacted career development of the speaker.

July 16, 2020    

Title: How to Write Grant Applications  

Description: The workshop provides operational guidance on getting started, identifying potential funding, application, pre-award and award process, and post-award monitoring and reporting. Designed as an introductory webinar to a 4 part training, this webinar allows students, faculty, and alumni to explore the world of grant funding for research in the following ways:

  • Expanding your knowledge of grant writing
  • Basic best practices for acquainting yourself with the grant seeking and writing process
  • Finding the "right fit" for grant funding opportunities
  • Understanding the platform of and the basics of navigating the site
  • Developing your first grant proposal 

July 23, 2020        

Title: How to Access and Use Existing Publisher-Based Assessments 

Description: Many studies use existing questionnaires. This presentation will discuss issues related to gaining access to existing questionnaires, approaching publishers or authors for permissions, pencil and paper versus digital data collection, an example accessing a publisher-based questionnaire within an online data collection system hosted by the publisher, and, when permissions allow, using a questionnaire within your own chosen online data collection system.

August 13, 2020        

Title: Understanding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Description: In the first of a series of workshops on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), this interactive workshop will examine each concept and how they impact individuals, higher education, and organizations.

August 22, 2020        

Title: Student Coffee Chat: Students, Have You Ever Wondered What Occurs Within an Oral Defense? 

Description: During this Student Coffee Chat, please join us as we hold a "mock" oral defense and discuss the process of successfully preparing for and navigating through this critical benchmark in your academic careers.

August 27, 2020        

Title: How to Analyze Qualitative Data II

Description: This presentation expands upon our first presentation on how to analyze qualitative data. In this session we dive deeper into specific data analysis such as descriptive, in-vivo, emotion, narrative, holistic, and hypothesis coding as well as differentiating between codes, categories, and themes. Additionally, time permitting, we may review coding within a qualitative data analysis software program. Finally, we will discuss moving from analysis to identifying specific results.

September 1, 2020    

Title: UOPX Doctoral Graduate Guest Speaker: Dr. Maria Dominguez, Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership

Description: Join this webinar to learn about doctoral journey of the speaker and how the doctoral degree from UOPX impacted career development of the speaker. 

September 17, 2020   

Title: How to Publish a Peer-Reviewed Journal Article

Description: This workshop provides an overview of major steps for successfully publishing manuscripts in peer reviewed journals.  The topics include strategies and tips for manuscript preparation, identification, evaluation, and selection of appropriate journals, and tips for addressing journal editors’ feedbacks.

September 24, 2020    

Focus: CDS Alumni Special Interest Group

Title: UOPX doctoral graduate guest speaker:  Dr. Scott G. Drexler 

Description: This workshop provides an overview about issues and strategies for collecting data from social media, The presenters share their insights about effective practices for using social media as data collection sources. In addition, challenges and issues related to using social media as data collection source will be discussed.     

October 3, 2020    

Title: Coffee Chat: One Year Later...

Description: In October 2019, five friends attended the UOPx Atlanta Commencement Ceremony. They connected early within their studies, named themselves the “Fantastic Five”, and created bonds that supported them through every stage of their programs, leading to the ultimate goal of all five successfully completing their programs and graduating in Atlanta.

Please join us on Saturday, October 3rd at 12:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) as we chat with these “Fantastic Five” to discuss:

  • How they have used their doctorate post-graduation
  • Helpful tips for surviving and thriving within your doctoral program
  • The value of mentorship and relationship-building with colleagues

As CDS Coffee Chat is an open session, please bring your questions for discussion, as well!

The “Fantastic Five” Panelists include:

Dr. James Rankin (defended February 2019)

Dr. Judie Sherrer (defended March 2019)

Dr. Simone Arnold (defended May 2019)

Dr. Joyvetta Lewis (defended July 2019)

Dr. Cheryl Talley-Black (defended July 2019)

October 8, 2020    

Title: Effectively Conducting Diversity-Focused Research

Description: There are unlimited research opportunities in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Diversity demographics are present in all organizations and there is an ever-growing call for organizations to examine their efforts to create inclusive organizational cultures and equitable practices. 

October 15, 2020    

Title: Alignment in Research Triad and Research Method and Design

Description: A typical research study includes a problem to be investigated (problem statement), why the study is being conducted (purpose of the study), the questions the study seeks to answer (research questions) and the methodology (how will the study be completed).  Each of these basic elements must be aligned to guarantee a well-designed and “methodologically sound” research study. 

During this presentation, we will discuss the concept of alignment, and how to ensure that the key elements- problem statement, purpose statement, research questions and methodology - are clearly aligned throughout the study – from the start to the conclusion of the study.

October 22, 2020   

Title: How to Analyze Correlational Studies Using Pearson R and Other Correlational Analysis Tests

Description: This workshop provides an overview of correlational statistical analyses including Pearson r. Issues and assumptions related to correlational analyses will be discussed. 

November 3, 2020   

Title: UOPX Doctoral Alumna and Healthcare Advocate Guest Speaker, Dr. Robin A. Grimes

Description: Dr. Robin A. Grimes earned the Doctor of Health Administration in 2020, completing dissertation research on "African American Females with Sickle Cell Gene Making Reproductive Choices:  An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis."  Join this webinar to learn how Dr. Grimes is leveraging her scholarship to create a positive social presence by disseminating information on this topic.

November 5, 2020    

Title: Understanding Theoretical and Conceptual Frameworks

Description: This workshop explains how to prepare an appropriate framework to support research studies. In addition, the difference between theoretical and conceptual frameworks will be discussed.

November 12, 2020    

Title: How to Write up Quantitative Research Results in Chapter 4

Description: This workshop discusses how to prepare and write results of your quantitative study in chapter 4 of dissertation. The main required components are explained. 

November 19, 2020   

Title: How to Conduct Focus Group Interviews 

Description: This workshop provides an overview about conducting focus group interviews. Strategies, best practices, and challenges related to conducting focus group interviews are discussed.