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Current Call for Submissions

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Phoenix Scholar Editorial Staff

The Burgeoning Landscape of AI

Call for Manuscripts: Phoenix Scholar Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence

Deadline for Submission: Friday, March 29th [Extended], 2024, C.O.B. EDT

The Phoenix Scholar, a publication dedicated to fostering scholarly discourse within the University of Phoenix community and beyond, invites submissions for a special issue on the burgeoning realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In an era marked by unprecedented technological advancements, AI stands as a transformative force with profound implications across various sectors, including academia.

Since its inception, AI has captivated the imagination of scholars, scientists, and innovators worldwide. Originating in the mid-20th century, the concept of AI emerged through the groundbreaking work of pioneers such as Alan Turing, John McCarthy, and others. Yet, this technological marvel has not been devoid of controversy, sparking debates surrounding its ethical implications and its potential to redefine the human experience.

As AI continues to permeate every facet of our lives, from classrooms to corporate boardrooms, the Phoenix Scholar seeks to explore its multifaceted impact on education, research, and beyond. We invite submissions that delve into the promises and perils of AI in the academic landscape, examining its potential to enhance teaching methodologies, streamline administrative processes, and catalyze groundbreaking research endeavors.

Prospective authors are encouraged to submit original articles, conceptual pieces, and grassroots efforts that elucidate the transformative power of AI while navigating the ethical and practical considerations inherent in its adoption. Best practices, ongoing or recently completed research, and reflections on AI's implications for the future of education are welcomed.

While the Phoenix Scholar does not publish original research studies, we invite submissions that celebrate recent publications or upcoming conference presentations related to AI. Manuscripts should adhere to APA style guidelines and be between 1,000 and 2,000 words in length.

Submission Guidelines

Email submissions in Microsoft Word format to Dr. Erik Bean, Associate University Research Chair, Center for Leadership Studies & Organizational Research, at

  • Include a brief one-paragraph bio of each author inside the manuscript after the reference page.
  • Ensure that all images are furnished separately as JPG or PNG files, with filenames corresponding to the primary author's last name, first initial, underscore, and the first 24 characters of the title, followed by an image number (e.g., Beane_AIpotentialsintheacademy_image1).
  • If you wish to provide a hyperlink or two relevant to the article, do so at the end of the applicable paragraph and indicate which words should contain the actual link
  • Submit all pieces using Microsoft Word, Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced.
  • Manuscripts submitted for publication consideration are judged by their creativity, originality, and rigor based on a first come, first reviewed basis to avoid duplication of concepts and ideas. Each will be reviewed by the editorial staff collectively. Please be sure to name your Microsoft Word file with your last name, first initial, followed by an underscore, such as beane_AIpotentialsintheacademy < and the first 24 characters of the title.

Submissions will be evaluated based on their originality, rigor, and authoritative journalistic tone. Join us in shaping the discourse on AI and its implications for the academic community. We look forward to your contributions.

Sincerely, Dr. Erik Bean Associate University Research Chair Center for Leadership Studies & Organizational Research University of Phoenix. The anticipated publication date is May 1st.

For more information, please contact Dr. Erik Bean (Special Edition Editor) at

Winter 2023/2024

Volume 6, Issue 3

In this Special Proceedings Edition, we’ve assembled the peer reviewed presentation abstracts from the 2023 KWB Summit, including the 2023 School of Doctoral Studies Dissertation of the Year winners and a special interview with the KWB Keynote Speaker Dr. Cheryl Lentz.

This issue demonstrates the perseverance of many UOPX scholars, who exemplify the summit’s theme: “Thrive in a Brave New World."